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What two things separate Shearmagic Landscape Design from other design practices?

In essence, national and regional design awards and perhaps the most important ingredient, synchronized design.


National and regional design awards are important as the criteria for winning is a strict and regulated process where winners are blindly judged by their contemporaries, and not handed out by providers – whose products may be used by the designer.


Awards speak for themselves – but what does synchronized design mean? 
In a word – ‘connectivity’.  Connectivity of Landscape Design with the existing built (inside and out), and natural environment and the relationship with the internal design and layout of the home or commercial architecture.


Bridging the gap between such built environments, or adapting to or the altering of same, is what makes a design, have a ‘sense of place’ or just ‘feels right’.  The uninterrupted energy flow of a shearmagic landscape design provides that bridge and stands it apart from other design practices.