Shearmagic Landscape Design | Newcastle | Australia

The Shearmagic Landscape Design Process

Shearmagic Landscape Design  

A simple and uncomplicated three step design process – that effectively allows the client to be appraised and involved from start to finish.


Stage 1.  Site Analysis and evaluation.  Discussion with client/s to identify needs/wants. Accurate survey of existing built and natural environment.


Stage 2.  Concept Design -  Overlay Conceptual Design onto scaled survey document and provide sectional and/or 3D views to accurately represent the bespoke landscape design plan and rationale for the client/s to view.  This document is very accurate (what is designed is what can or would work on the particular site and is more than a pretty picture) and is left with the client/s so that they can digest the information and get a ‘feel’ of where the design is coming from.  Specified product samples are then introduced to the client/s and may include, soft plantings, lighting, hardscaping (floor/ground surfaces, retaining walls etc) colours, textures, lighting, audio (music if requested) statuary, and other outdoor art.

This Concept Drawing is then altered/amended or accepted by the client/s.  If change is required or other alterations desired – if capable, such changes are worked up to Concept Design 2.  The process is then repeated (if required) until the Concept Design drawing is accepted fully by the client/s.


Stage 3.  Landscape Design Masterplan.  These are again very accurate drawings with more detail so that they are ready for construction.  All levels are indicated and referenced to an existing datum.  Also a full soft planting list is supplied and all specified components suggested explained and specific reference numbers and suppliers presented on the Landscape Design Masterplan.  Depending on the extent of detail, these laminated plans are provided on A1,A2 or A3.  If required, further written specifications are provided with the Landscape Design Masterplan.